The amazing characteristics of the Gemstone

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Amber|Sapphire |Emerald |Pearl |Coral |Turquoise |Aquamarine

Learn the amazing properties of the Gemstone
Human tries hard through the stages of his life the search for treatments for the disease, and investigated the natural ones as much as possible, in order to avoid the side effects of the serious consequences of the use of chemical medicines, and between those treatments given to us by nature therapy with precious stones, here Nord you some healing properties of gemstones through the next lines.

Treatment for the stomach and the liver!
A recent scientific studies on the possibility of using stone "Amazet" in the treatment of liver and stomach viruses, as well as to strengthen the circulatory system and the immune system.

Amber allows for happiness pass!
The "Amber" is appropriate and weightlifting, which concerns about human happiness and allowed to pass through and purifies the heart and soul of negative energy.

Resolve emotional problems
"Aquamarine" helping to overcome the sometimes emotional problems, and Coral "reinforces feelings and passion and attracts attention to the worn.

Energy and creativity
"Garnet Red" works to activate a sense of creativity and mental processes and helps the treatment of allergies, and "Opal" improves the energy and working to increase the ability to breathe.

To allay fears
"Blood Stone" brings vitality to the mind, body and inspire intuition and creativity centers, and "Jade": calms the fears and increases the person's ability to love and use some types in the treatment of the kidneys, and the "Onyx" is used for the treatment of bone and helps to control the emotion and thinking negative.

Quomodo gemmis formavit me in terram

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Amber | Sapphire | Emerald | Pearl | Coral |Turquoise | Aquamarine

Gemmis, in facto, a diversus typus of polymer metallum compositum ex duobus vel pluribus, et consistit maxime materialis silica quibusdam metallicis impudicitiis, et alia gemma type alteratorum constituent material in addition ad silica, communiter invenitur in silt molaris areas, ut lapilli molaris, et in particulari aquam fluviis molaris in areas.

Secretum gemmis differentia

Installation omnium cameo ab aliis diversa in terms of conditionibus et components et genus overlapping impudicitiis per basic installation processus, ratio Networked crystallum component maxime major gemmis similia apud illos lapides, per quod distinguitur a te lapidem super alia elementa LINO per emanationem et configuration celeri crystallum in principio quam in progressu polymerization et varia colorum mutatis tantum perspicuitatis ex pluribus causis, exceptis iis quae patitur in Pii genus tam multa et diversa numero gemmarum est unde sciendum est quod omnia lapidibus pretiosis ex duobus vel pluribus, sed Adamantem monomeric configurationem component unum est carbo.

Liberi sunt aut coniuncta cum aequamque ceterorum mixtionem
Da nobis regnum herba flavo pulchra electri quaedam gemmae formari subsoil diversis imis miscere cum aliis aut libera imaginem ut propugnacula et lapidibus adamas, qui quandoque ad altitudinem fere CLX metris, et venit in lava finem motus terra, alia dicuntur in regno ubi excerpta ex fundo, ut sericum margaritas inter pulcherrima pretiosissima gemmis olim maxime sinum margarita, quae ingentem internationalis fama ducisque gerebat.

Bra "Lebanese-fecit" duo million pupa

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Revelatur indusia notam global "Victoria scriptor Secret" bra revelata a new "Fantasy Bra" quod habet a US pretium $ viciens

Nulla American morem gesturum Lily Aldridge auream hanc occasionem perpetua in generationes vestras "Victoria Secret» in VIII Kal.

Et apparuit Lilly (XXIX annos) in bra solidum ornatum omni lapide pretioso 6,500 magis quam in a video deliberati per "confluunt celebranturque" emporium. Id opus suspender DCLXXXV hanc horam continet XIV genera gemmarum carbunculus ut hyacintho topazius puniceo flavi coloris sapphirini et quartz.
Lapidum pondus et pondus omnium descriptumque MCCCLXIV carats adamantibus super CCCLXXV carats et est Lebanese consilium Mouawad Jewelry.

Dubai offers the most expensive shoes and gynecology at the world with $ 3.1 million

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Jewelry House announced its intention to offer the most expensive shoes in the world in Dubai

Officials said the house in "The shoe will be presented during the week of the Dubai International Jewelry, which is a women's size 38 shoe, and studded with a wide range of diamond weighing 1527 carats," and revealed that they they give for sale at $ 3.1 million.

They said in remarks to reporters on Saturday evening, "The shoe will continue to be displayed for three days at the Dubai World Trade Centre", arguing that it is decorated with more than 39 thousand colored diamond. It is noteworthy that the Dubai Jewellery Week will be held for the 19th year and brings together a large number of the role of jewelry in the region, which competes in the presentation of rare and expensive jewelry and gold pieces cut.

«Gemstone» .. your feelings delicate green and blue .. to connect with others

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Massage with precious stones is your path to get the psychological and physical comfort, if you suffer from confusion and frustration psychological ideas simply stone massage appropriate to treat your problem

Has identified the Indian Medical seven centers of bio-energy in the body, dubbed «chakra», and through massage stones can stimulate these centers to play their role more effectively, and the masseur activate the powerful energy of the body, which provide you with vibrant make a circular motion rotates clockwise around these seven centers.

And differs for each rhythm «grateful» for others, some of them need a quick rhythm and the other to the rhythm of slow yours, including her own time, and these centers even though we Anraha but it is affecting our physical and mental dramatically constitute emotions and affect our case moods.

When one of these centers loses his balance spin its own energy force in the opposite direction or stop turning causing you to many of the health and psychological problems. Even Taidi her balance you had to do only Tdena stone fitting her up and regain its strength again

1- throat chakra: to communicate with others
Throat chakra allows the achievement of greater efficiency and much higher in dealing with others .. and gives you the ability to express emotions and feelings and thoughts so others positively understands well.

User stone: all blue stones such as turquoise and lapis lazuli blue and Llacuamaren .. and help express your feelings and your problems with words, which makes you feel more psychological comfort.

How to Massage: Put down the throat of stone in the hollow of the neck .. Close your eyes and imaginative flow of spring water in the Blue net that region .. keep up the massage and Visualization for ten minutes you will feel the difference.

2 - root chakra: more realistic to life  
It thanking survival and a sense of security .. and gives you the ability to eat and keep your balance on the ground .. and help you to contact the physical world around you .. no chakra at the bottom of the spine under Alasaus

User stone masonry with a black color like Onyx black, amber and obsidian (volcanic stone Black) and also with red stones such as amber and red hematite.

Massage helps to increase the ability to organize and regain self-confidence and personal power.

How to Massage: Massage the body stone when Alasaus area until the power is flowing slowly .. massage in a circular motion down the kidneys for three minutes with deep breathing during the massage.

3 - thanking nerve plexus: For more packets and management  
Activate nerve plexus chakra helps achieve clarity and firmness .. It is the center of the internal relations, which enables you to manage your life things .. and activate the center you can take crucial decisions .. and accurately assess the risks.

User stone masonry with a yellow eye .. such as leopard, citrine or amber. And used in the massage helps to resist the pressures surrounding you. And place when the rib cage under the breasts.

How to Massage: lay on a flat surface .. Put the stone on the nerve plexus area at the level of the rib cage and between the breasts .. Close your eyes and imaginative powers source of light permeates the area for ten minutes

4 - chakra holy: for better sex life  
Massage the area helps increase sexual arousal and desire .. It also gives you a more positive sensations and emotions .. and helps to further innovation .. chakra center is located in the lower abdomen genital level

User stone masonry with a color such as orange carnelian and onyx .. increases the optimism and ability to increase sexual desire

How to massage: Massage is around the hips in the form of the English No. 8 .. and helps to increase the vigor and vitality .. Begin from the bottom to the top of the pubic .. In a circular motion around the buttocks ..

5 - heart chakra: to provoke emotional sensations  
No alarm in the area .. a tenderness and affection and love source .. thanks Tzdadin compassionate and humane .. and give you the ability to tolerance and reconciliation with oneself and with others

Stone used: all-green stones such as malachite and Alavntoren, jade and serpentine or pink color such as pink quartz and Alrodat

How to Massage: Begin chest massage stone Oblate Click it and then during the massage and stir in a circular motion around the area clockwise.

6 - chakra stroke: For more spirituality and moral character  
The so-called «lotus» .. which connects you with a sacred and spiritual horizons open up to you to fly your ideal world of the principles and values exist .. top of the head and gives you the ability to get rid of negative emotions and psychological restore calm.

Stone used: all the white stones such as crystal and transparent .. Alceli and Almajnci

How to Massage: Put the top of the skull and stone massage her head in a circular motion around the top of the head .. and Hrkiha in a circular motion clockwise. For ten minutes

7 - thanking Front: for agility  
Called the third eye .. thanks Staatmtaan see better things when activated .. agility and concentration rate will increase by a large margin .. exist on the front in the area between the eyebrows.

Stone used: each stone with violet color Alomtist such a hotty .. help meditation and channeling ideas and converted from a negative situation for the case of positive ..

How to Massage: Massage the region shaped the English 8 in slow motion back and forth on the front and between the eyebrows for five minutes.

Lane Salehia 20 years of gem trade

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Photos .. "hot Salehia" 20 years of dealers gems .. Ancient Egyptians used stones to treat patients and to protect the dead .. and Indians to communicate with spirits ..

 Are considered "hot Salehia" located Street Moez Ledin Allah, the area of Al-Azhar, one of the largest global markets for gems, which was famous story of the Queen "alder tree" that crushed stone or stones, and threw them in the garden of her palace adjacent to the market, when she felt a plot to kill her, and confirmed Salehia dealers that "warm" has seen a boom in the trade of precious stones and manufacture of various shapes of them, with the spread of the idea of ​​making jewelry at the hands of women are marketed to foreigners

Join gems
The history of the use of precious stones to the era of the ancient Egyptians, where they used some species, including the treatment and protection of the graves of their dead, as used by the Indian civilization and the Chinese in order to increase spiritual energy in the holy places, and the civilization of Germany Fastkhaddmtha in building houses and sculpture belief by force sunken and mysterious to those materials, has inherited the Arabs from the Persians, Greeks how to develop the gems in their medical knowledge.

Treatment of diseases
Gems extensive uses in alternative medicine, they are useful in the treatment of diseases and physical and psychological strikes.

The present most of these stones in the ground, as a result of the fusion of materials and minerals due to high temperatures, Vttfaal these stones together and be a stone, or by what is generated from organisms "plants and animals" such as amber and Allalo and coral, and research has proven that the gems have a strong impact in change the course of the energy emitted from the body and next to him, which led to the possibility of making use of them in protecting the body from damage.

One of the most prominent dealers in precious stones Salehia lane, "Essam Rashad," which included all kinds of gems and imported Egyptian.

He said, "Mohamed Ahmed" a working shop, they are working in the gem trade for nearly 20 years, and is considered their shops from Oil workers in this area before spreading Balsalehih, and confirmed that it dawned star "hot Salehia" that branch of Street goats end jewelery market area Hussein.

Manufacturing methods
He says, "Mustafa Mohsin" literal splitting gems, or the so-called "prurigo stones", and the official Mikina chipping and design, the types of gems and multiple different and are obtained with difficulty.

He stressed that the formation of the drawings variety of stones used in jewelry and finery for women, including Vickl "rings, beads, and the contract, and Alslas, and some antiques."

He pointed out that there are some shops that import precious Chinese, or so-called precious "stones" and "Doblair precious stone", which comes Turned ready in the form of "love" or "beads" shapes and different sizes, and compete in prices stones original natural .



Yellow Sapphire

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Yellow Sapphire, a stone that is perhaps the most popular gemstone after diamonds and rubies. Known for its various properties, it gives the wearer a magnificent halo unmatched to any other luster in the universe.

Perceived to be one of the safest stones, known to man, for its neutral effects to those it might not suit and superlative effects to those it does; it is no wonder that this gemstone reigns supreme in terms of being expensive, second only to the diamond. A stone worn by many star signs, Yellow Sapphire is known to increase your financial status, empowering you with more ways of earning an extra buck to your otherwise routine paycheck. On the power of healing, this stone is famous for treating mild mental disorders, typically concentration deficiencies and improving your balance of mind. People in high profiled jobs and even politicians are not far behind when it comes to adorning these either in the form of rings or pendants.

Yellow Sapphire though flexible in its effects needs to necessarily be worn only on the right hand index finger. It is known to provide the wearer with enormous wealth, good health, fame, name, honor and success. Yellow Sapphire represents the planet Jupiter. And Jupiter is known to be the largest planet that has its comparison with Saturn. Because of the magnanimity of its size, Jupiter belongs to the category of excesses. It is also known to empower one with the capacity of single handedly being the master of the one's desires. It is also said that if you seek to sort all marital problems, then Yellow Sapphire is the solution for you. The Power of this gem is such that the girl that you desire will be yours forever and if a girl will wear this gem then she will get married early.

Who should wear a Yellow Sapphire
Many times, when we talk about gems, we forget its innate size and its ultimate effect, thanks to this. An interesting feature to note about this gem is that it brings together people wearing the similar stone. This may or may not be true with other stones. For example a person wearing the Ruby may not necessarily be attracted to another one wearing ruby. The color yellow brings in a sense of learning and warmth. It is no wonder that people wearing the yellow sapphire are attracted towards knowledge.

They seem to do great deal of good to other in particular. Sagittarius and Aries are two of these signs that wear Yellow sapphire, and it is highly recommended for Aquarians and, Leo's and Gemini's to also wear this for added benefits. Yellow Sapphire is also well-known for its effects for stomach ailments. If you are one who constantly suffers either from gastric ailments or those related to morning sickness, then yellow sapphire is the stone for you. As mentioned earlier, the color yellow brings in warmth and any bodily action that requires this will necessarily be treated with Yellow sapphire. Happily married couples also give credit to the Yellow Sapphire for its presence in their lives.
 Effects of Yellow Sapphire
Yellow sapphire harmonizes and benefits Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Its effects are more like the sun, in the solar system, and quite unlike it too. Like the sun, this stone spreads across warmth, knowledge and tranquility but unlike the sun, the yellow sapphire is known to bring in mental peace and this stone is therefore recoommended for Leo's to wear as this brings an equilibrium to their hot temperaments. Jupiter's influence in the human physiology is through the globus pallidus.

This globular structure is like a teacher in the physiology. It gives balanced and higher-order instructions, balances and maintains harmony between inner and outer input, manages and executes complex systems and enlivens activity in the brain while guiding action. It signifies highest-order thinking -- Knowledge has organizing power. Its use brings about affection and harmonious relations amongst family members. The reputation of the person increases day by day and one is respected everywhere.

Its Significance
Yellow sapphire signifies knowledge, wisdom, virtue, fortune, justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, children, distant travel, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity and charity. It acts as a 'Guru' is the major instructor or teacher and influences action with the highest order and balance. The Guru guides action in the most harmonious and uplifting manner and balances inner and outer input while simultaneously performing and monitoring action. And if it does not suit you, it never does harm you either, so if you think you want to experiment and take a feel of the stone, then I think you must go for it.
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Magic and femininity with jewelry from Bvlgari Deva

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Featuring jewelry set Deva always charm, femininity, whether earrings or bracelets or rings or contracts.

Earrings inspired by the film "Cleopatra," where come from white gold and pink geometric pattern ends with a triangle.

There are many accessories that come in the form of a fan and this was Raja Accessory ancient civilizations in China, especially in the beginning of the second century BC and spread in Europe as pieces of art from the sixteenth century.

You can also Taatmtaa your beauty and feel Bonottk with cutting accessories decorated with precious stones such as amethyst and peridot and tourmaline red.

This group is characterized that you can easily acquired and coordination with various items of clothing and wear a piece of one of these wonderful pieces sponsor that attracts attention to you and tell everyone about your paper and shine.

The Magnificient Opal..

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Opal is better known as the “Queen of Gems” by many. A very rare gem , opal is believed to have got its name from the Sanskrit word “Upala” meaning “precious stone”. Generally found in the cracks or cavities of rocks, Opal is a very delicate , fragile stone that needs careful handling as it is prone to scratches and breakage. Opal is considered the October stone - the birthstone of people born in the month of October.

Opals come in many different shades and colours. There are the Mexican fire Opals which you would find in colours ranging from red to orange to yellow. They are generally translucent. Then there is the Harlequin Opal which is the rarest kind. Black Opals are the one’s which are in very high demand unlike the light coloured ones. Australia is the largest supplier of Opals in the world catering for more than 98% of the world’s opal supply. Black Opals are very unique gemstones. It has various colours on it. Then there are also the opals which are white and light blue in colour. You will also find crystal opals which are just like crystals with a transparent setting. The Common opal is not considered a precious stone and is opaque in nature.

The Australian Opals are very popular and are much sought after gems . The black opals from Australia are considered to be very rare and precious. Black Opal Jewelry is very rare and the reason for this is that it is found only in one place on earth i.e. the Lighting Ridge in New South Wales, Australia. Brazilian and Peruvian Opals are also good Opals. The Peruvian opal ranges from semi-opaque to opaque. Apart from these countries Opals are found in places such as Zambia, New Zealand, Mexico, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Opal is used a lot in the making of fine jewellery. People are spending a lot today on jewellery and it comes as no surprise that fine opal jewelry has a very big market. Opal rings, earrings pendants, opal decorated watches are very popular and make wonderful gifts. In South Australia, the official gemstone is the Opal. The Australian Women’s basketball team is also known as the Opals. Opals are bought not only in the form of jewellery. People buy loose opals and these are generally procured by collectors. These loose stones would be of the high end quality and the most precious ones. They are more so a form of investment. These investment opals as they are termed are a priced possession of the collector. These gemstones being very rare especially the Australian black opals, are a real collectors item. Opals as an investment are a very good choice. Investing in Opals has become a growing trend with people making an investment not only in loose opals but also opal jewellery.
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