Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gemstones and Their Meanings

There are many different types of gemstones that are used to make jewelry that is stylish, beautiful, and fashionable. Gemstones provide jewelry designers with the colorful tools to create a variety of looks without the expense of precious stones. To add to their charm, gemstones also carry different meanings with them. Here are some of the more popular ones and some that are a little less familiar to most people:

AGATE – This stone is a type of quartz that is found in a range of blue, moss, pink, red, and snakeskin color. It is often dyed with bright colors to make it more interesting than the natural dark tone. Agate promotes grounding and provides security, promotes spiritual growth, and improves memory, precision and perception.
AMBER – Agate is usually clear yellow in its natural state and has a soft structure. This gemstone gained in popularity during the “Jurassic Park” craze and you can find it with objects trapped inside. The more rare and perfect the trapped object, the higher the value for the piece of amber. It is used as a way to lift the heaviness of burdens and also to align mental and emotional bodies.
BLOODSTONE – Bloodstone is a dark green gemstone that has red flecks. It is a variety of chalcedony quarts used to coordinate your healing energies and strengthen your immune system. It aids in the uplifting of the body’s energy so that it can fight all kinds of infections.

CAT’S EYE – This is a gemstone that is familiar to a lot of people and is yellow to greenish yellow or grayish green in color. They are used to heal eye problems and allow you to open your heart to charitable deeds.
CITRINE – The yellow of the citrine gemstone has a golden hue. These crystals can form together with amethyst and form ametrine, a yellow-orange to purple gradient. Citrine assists in relieving tension and encourages relaxation of your body. Alone, amethyst helps to draw the mind into the realm of spiritual knowledge and helps you to embrace your spirituality while ametrine promotes serenity and conditional love and also cleanses and inspires creativity and harmony.
HAWK’S EYE GEMSTONE – The hawk’s eye is bluish red or bluish in color and is another type of quartz that is used to enhance integrity of communication. It improves self-awareness and gives the wearer willpower to be true to their own ideas.
JASPER – Jasper is one of the few gemstones that are found worldwide. It is multi-colored, solid, yellow, orange, brown, or green. Jasper is another member of chalcedony family and is used as an aid to mental stress.
MOONSTONE – Moonstone may be white, pink, or yellow and are often carved with a moon face. They are used to ease anxiety and provide healing for women with hormone imbalances. They are also used to heal the lymph nodes.
RHODONITE – Pink with black inclusions, this intriguing gemstone is used to stabilize the emotions. Gives the wearer a more balanced and mature perspective.
SARDONYX – Another part of the chalcedony family, sardonyx can be blue, moss, red, blue lace, pink or snakeskin. It will help bring happiness to your relationships and emits good fortune while providing self-control and courage.
Whatever the gemstone is that represents your birthday, it will have a special meaning for you as well. In addition to providing great beauty to the jewelry that is created with them, gemstones also provide us with the diversity in meaning that makes them even more intriguing.

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