Friday, April 25, 2014

Magic and femininity with jewelry from Bvlgari Deva

Featuring jewelry set Deva always charm, femininity, whether earrings or bracelets or rings or contracts.

Earrings inspired by the film "Cleopatra," where come from white gold and pink geometric pattern ends with a triangle.

There are many accessories that come in the form of a fan and this was Raja Accessory ancient civilizations in China, especially in the beginning of the second century BC and spread in Europe as pieces of art from the sixteenth century.

You can also Taatmtaa your beauty and feel Bonottk with cutting accessories decorated with precious stones such as amethyst and peridot and tourmaline red.

This group is characterized that you can easily acquired and coordination with various items of clothing and wear a piece of one of these wonderful pieces sponsor that attracts attention to you and tell everyone about your paper and shine.

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