Friday, April 25, 2014

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire, a stone that is perhaps the most popular gemstone after diamonds and rubies. Known for its various properties, it gives the wearer a magnificent halo unmatched to any other luster in the universe.

Perceived to be one of the safest stones, known to man, for its neutral effects to those it might not suit and superlative effects to those it does; it is no wonder that this gemstone reigns supreme in terms of being expensive, second only to the diamond. A stone worn by many star signs, Yellow Sapphire is known to increase your financial status, empowering you with more ways of earning an extra buck to your otherwise routine paycheck. On the power of healing, this stone is famous for treating mild mental disorders, typically concentration deficiencies and improving your balance of mind. People in high profiled jobs and even politicians are not far behind when it comes to adorning these either in the form of rings or pendants.

Yellow Sapphire though flexible in its effects needs to necessarily be worn only on the right hand index finger. It is known to provide the wearer with enormous wealth, good health, fame, name, honor and success. Yellow Sapphire represents the planet Jupiter. And Jupiter is known to be the largest planet that has its comparison with Saturn. Because of the magnanimity of its size, Jupiter belongs to the category of excesses. It is also known to empower one with the capacity of single handedly being the master of the one's desires. It is also said that if you seek to sort all marital problems, then Yellow Sapphire is the solution for you. The Power of this gem is such that the girl that you desire will be yours forever and if a girl will wear this gem then she will get married early.

Who should wear a Yellow Sapphire
Many times, when we talk about gems, we forget its innate size and its ultimate effect, thanks to this. An interesting feature to note about this gem is that it brings together people wearing the similar stone. This may or may not be true with other stones. For example a person wearing the Ruby may not necessarily be attracted to another one wearing ruby. The color yellow brings in a sense of learning and warmth. It is no wonder that people wearing the yellow sapphire are attracted towards knowledge.

They seem to do great deal of good to other in particular. Sagittarius and Aries are two of these signs that wear Yellow sapphire, and it is highly recommended for Aquarians and, Leo's and Gemini's to also wear this for added benefits. Yellow Sapphire is also well-known for its effects for stomach ailments. If you are one who constantly suffers either from gastric ailments or those related to morning sickness, then yellow sapphire is the stone for you. As mentioned earlier, the color yellow brings in warmth and any bodily action that requires this will necessarily be treated with Yellow sapphire. Happily married couples also give credit to the Yellow Sapphire for its presence in their lives.
 Effects of Yellow Sapphire
Yellow sapphire harmonizes and benefits Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Its effects are more like the sun, in the solar system, and quite unlike it too. Like the sun, this stone spreads across warmth, knowledge and tranquility but unlike the sun, the yellow sapphire is known to bring in mental peace and this stone is therefore recoommended for Leo's to wear as this brings an equilibrium to their hot temperaments. Jupiter's influence in the human physiology is through the globus pallidus.

This globular structure is like a teacher in the physiology. It gives balanced and higher-order instructions, balances and maintains harmony between inner and outer input, manages and executes complex systems and enlivens activity in the brain while guiding action. It signifies highest-order thinking -- Knowledge has organizing power. Its use brings about affection and harmonious relations amongst family members. The reputation of the person increases day by day and one is respected everywhere.

Its Significance
Yellow sapphire signifies knowledge, wisdom, virtue, fortune, justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, children, distant travel, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity and charity. It acts as a 'Guru' is the major instructor or teacher and influences action with the highest order and balance. The Guru guides action in the most harmonious and uplifting manner and balances inner and outer input while simultaneously performing and monitoring action. And if it does not suit you, it never does harm you either, so if you think you want to experiment and take a feel of the stone, then I think you must go for it.
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