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Lane Salehia 20 years of gem trade

Photos .. "hot Salehia" 20 years of dealers gems .. Ancient Egyptians used stones to treat patients and to protect the dead .. and Indians to communicate with spirits ..

 Are considered "hot Salehia" located Street Moez Ledin Allah, the area of Al-Azhar, one of the largest global markets for gems, which was famous story of the Queen "alder tree" that crushed stone or stones, and threw them in the garden of her palace adjacent to the market, when she felt a plot to kill her, and confirmed Salehia dealers that "warm" has seen a boom in the trade of precious stones and manufacture of various shapes of them, with the spread of the idea of ​​making jewelry at the hands of women are marketed to foreigners

Join gems
The history of the use of precious stones to the era of the ancient Egyptians, where they used some species, including the treatment and protection of the graves of their dead, as used by the Indian civilization and the Chinese in order to increase spiritual energy in the holy places, and the civilization of Germany Fastkhaddmtha in building houses and sculpture belief by force sunken and mysterious to those materials, has inherited the Arabs from the Persians, Greeks how to develop the gems in their medical knowledge.

Treatment of diseases
Gems extensive uses in alternative medicine, they are useful in the treatment of diseases and physical and psychological strikes.

The present most of these stones in the ground, as a result of the fusion of materials and minerals due to high temperatures, Vttfaal these stones together and be a stone, or by what is generated from organisms "plants and animals" such as amber and Allalo and coral, and research has proven that the gems have a strong impact in change the course of the energy emitted from the body and next to him, which led to the possibility of making use of them in protecting the body from damage.

One of the most prominent dealers in precious stones Salehia lane, "Essam Rashad," which included all kinds of gems and imported Egyptian.

He said, "Mohamed Ahmed" a working shop, they are working in the gem trade for nearly 20 years, and is considered their shops from Oil workers in this area before spreading Balsalehih, and confirmed that it dawned star "hot Salehia" that branch of Street goats end jewelery market area Hussein.

Manufacturing methods
He says, "Mustafa Mohsin" literal splitting gems, or the so-called "prurigo stones", and the official Mikina chipping and design, the types of gems and multiple different and are obtained with difficulty.

He stressed that the formation of the drawings variety of stones used in jewelry and finery for women, including Vickl "rings, beads, and the contract, and Alslas, and some antiques."

He pointed out that there are some shops that import precious Chinese, or so-called precious "stones" and "Doblair precious stone", which comes Turned ready in the form of "love" or "beads" shapes and different sizes, and compete in prices stones original natural .



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