Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dubai offers the most expensive shoes and gynecology at the world with $ 3.1 million

Jewelry House announced its intention to offer the most expensive shoes in the world in Dubai

Officials said the house in "The shoe will be presented during the week of the Dubai International Jewelry, which is a women's size 38 shoe, and studded with a wide range of diamond weighing 1527 carats," and revealed that they they give for sale at $ 3.1 million.

They said in remarks to reporters on Saturday evening, "The shoe will continue to be displayed for three days at the Dubai World Trade Centre", arguing that it is decorated with more than 39 thousand colored diamond. It is noteworthy that the Dubai Jewellery Week will be held for the 19th year and brings together a large number of the role of jewelry in the region, which competes in the presentation of rare and expensive jewelry and gold pieces cut.

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