Aquamarine (in English: topaz) type of gems chemical composition of silicate magnesium, iron, dual (Mg, Fe) 2SiO4 its composition and the presence of iron makes it green. Is formed the metal close to the installation of stone Emerald, found in igneous rocks base and limestone, has been named all gems previously colored italics green Balzbergd has erred linguists ancient as fired a single label on the stone emerald and aquamarine, and own the entertainment industry veterans who have separated between these two stones. It is the most beautiful of all the finest peridot crystals is the large Egyptian and Brazilian. Aquamarine is usually pure transparent color, but are usually colored because of a bug in it, most of the peridot-colored slash-yellowing may be white or gray or green or blue. When heated Aquamarine often becomes yellow in color Mahmmermn names: sea water, Emerald Rihani, beads serpent, olefins, Albraidot, emerald green


Maghreb - Egypt - Sudan - Aquamarine island located in the Red Sea, a subsidiary of Egypt) - China - IndiaCyprus
He was now the main sources of
Island Aquamarine - South Africa - USA (Arizona) - Madagascar - Brazil - Australia - India - Malaysia - China - Norway - Afghanistan - Burma - Hawaii - Pakistan - Russia - Sri Lanka - Kashmir - Nigeria - Canary Islands - Saudi Arabia

Date Aquamarine
Aquamarine known in ancient Egypt, in the pre-dynastic period in the manufacture of beads. Aquamarine and use the yellow at the ancient Egyptians has been found a scarab is made of Aquamarine in Egypt, dating back to the Eighteenth Dynasty. He stated that the Holy Prophet Solomon ad hoc to sit among the people was studded Pfss composed of peridot, pearls and rubies. Palms to the throne, four of pure gold, Chmarik each consisting of peridot green and red rubies
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