Coral is one of the most precious stones, although it is not of metal materials, but is one of the animal material (organic). Coral word parsed for the Greek origin (Maginto) In the Latin language (Margarita), was named Coral, later on, the red veins that emerge from the sea, including jewelry and Btakz Aloalaq and Beads. And Coral is one of the most ancient organic materials in use in the jewelry industry, where, twenty centuries Coral filed with precious gems, but it has some popularity for a certain period, then started to regain its position and popularity in recent years. And Coral is composed of calcium carbonate. Article coral red is the steel structure of the settlement of coral, which that gives us form the familiar, and composed this article Coikat minute red secreted animal coral, and then excreted this Alcoikat cohere with each other, and out of these individuals that use each of them in the jewelry industry. The Arab world has ever known jeweler (Altevasche) said: "The average between the worlds coral plants and inanimate objects, so that it looks like Pthjrh inanimate objects, like plants and trees being sprung in the heart of the sea animate veins and branches of a complex list of vegetables

Many colors of coral
Ranging main colors of coral between the color white to pink, dark red, and colors, which have a common demand by the color pink, red, coral and there are black, a color organic substance found in dark waters of the Pacific. Coral is the rarest blood types
Coral fisheries

Spread the most important fisheries global extracts of coral on some shores of the Mediterranean, where the traditional supplier of coral, Near the shores of this sea and around islands on the spreading coral colonies significantly, while living at depths varying wise, some of them in shallow water not deeper than about 50 feet while the other, there are some at depths of up to more than 1000 feet. And disseminate fisheries on the shores of Red Coral, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, and some of which are on the southern coast of France and around the islands in the Mediterranean, such as the islands of Sardinia and Sicily and Korsiqa. While a lot red coral in the continent of Asia on the islands Rjukan (Ryukuan) in southern Japan. The extraction of coral in the area between the Ooekemaoa and Miyako (Miyako and Okimawa), Japan, from depths ranging between 1000 to 1300 feet. There is also abundant in America, where he discovered a type of coral-colored purple in Southern California. Hope black coral which grows with great success on the Malay Archipelago (Archipelago Malaysian) and the shores of the northern part of Australia and the Red Sea. And extracts a limited degree of coral from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near Alctai North West Africa. Once Ocanut European countries located on the Mediterranean coast, the importance of fisheries in the vicinity of North Africa until the appearance, including a fierce competition to a monopoly on these fisheries and control
Coral care

Coral requires particular attention, and that is because of soft stone, so you should exercise some reserve for the wear, as recommended saved in a separate location or in a special cloth with precious stones set in a special fund Sell gems away from the most solid. The acids must stay away from them, and to avoid exposing coral to these acids because they Taatfah no matter how diluted, where they interact easily with calcium carbonate component, so you should not be exposed to such materials as well (vinegar or lemon juice, soap and even race some of the objects). Have referred to this fact the Arab world Jeweler (Altevasche) in his valuable book "Flowers of ideas in gems stone" saying: "If you were in because the Free-and-white." As mentioned (Altevasche) is also a way to treat these defects, saying: "If it were in the fat showed Hmrth and shone and good color and action in reaction against the vinegar." The catheter is a scientifically coral upwind of color in acid hydrogen peroxide to regain its color.
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