Emerald: A type of metal Beryl composed of silicate of beryllium and aluminum, is found in the mines between leaving behind hard rock and marble Unlike most gemstones, color dark green deep and transparent, and is holding the ranks of importance. Gain for the color green for the presence of trace amounts of chromium or iron, is the emerald gems, Zpalmgarnp weights is the highest value among precious stones, especially when peppered with veins of salts of other metal, and salts Beryl hardness between 8 and 10 on a scale of Moss to the hardness of materials.

In the Pharaonic times the Nubian Desert is famous for mining emeralds, which were exported Emerald to the lack of the rulers of Persia, India, Byzantium, also discovered huge quantities of it in the tombs and temples in Mexico, Peru and Colombia were completely looted by Europeans, and the emperor was the turkey Nero loves watching professional wrestling slaves through the development of a large emerald.

Emerald Emerald name came from the Latin language, including all derivatives of this name Alllon green.

Most emerald crystals on cobalt minutes sometimes called Lester. It also contains multiple exotic particles. The full emeralds are very rare, and if found to be more expensive than diamonds. And emerald blue is more expensive than the Emerald with yellow


Emerald stones more solid quartz stone, but not strongly hardness of the Ambassador
Sources Emerald
There are many countries where there is the Emerald like Russia, India, Brazil and Africa, but the best the Emerald is generally Colombian emeralds, which is a degree green of a beautiful and purest of all types of Emerald the other in addition to clarity in a wonderful and there is some degree of Colombian emeralds more expensive than some degree of diamonds and many carat him for about 25 thousand dollars

Types of Emerald

MALE Altevasche four main types of emerald, namely: 1 - emerald; Vert-mouch Woodland does not afflict the Khaddrth Shi colors from yellowish or dark nor any other good paint good water very Alcaaouismy: Zpapia of similar color in the green color of the top green flies al-Rubaie, one of the best colors green and a glimmer. 2 - Emerald Rihani and color like the color Reehan like wet paper Ace 3 - Emerald Alsgay Alsgay soft color. 4 - Emerald Saabooni soap color green, has no value and there in the Hijaz, and it is called in Arabic, a quasi-

Emerald can be made in the laboratory, where the crystals are placed in an aqueous solution under high pressure. Emerald is similar to the industrial natural emeralds, it is easy to distinguish under the microscope because of the presence of exotic particles.
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