Pearl is a secretion formed into a spherical shell within some types of shellfish and shellfish and is used as a cornerstone cream.

Produce this article of the cells of epithelial (in the fold or lobe or cloves in the wall lining of the shell in molluscs), a fabric Stairi of coincidence, the body, and excreted in sequence overlaid on the body of spam are usually parasites in the case of natural pearls hanging in the soft tissue of the oy
ster * Pearl built from layers of Alorjohnnyt or calcite (carbonate Alcaliswm amorphous) layers and stuck to each other Kounkeulen material (organic matter horny crusty solid) and installed similar to the installation of mother of pearl, which is the innermost layer of Clamshell


A pearl

Solid soft iris color is the lining of some of the shells used in making buttons and jewelry · suri

Forms and composition of the Pearl

Pearls may be in the form of a grain of rice or pineapple or spherical shape or the form of buttons or irregular in shape, are evaluated in that order * is known as pearls that are attached to internal surface of the shell as a metaphor (Pearls of pimples)

Alali best types are usually white and sometimes be the touch of ivory color, light pink and may also be tinged with a touch of yellow, green or blue, brown and black * black pearls because of scarcity is so expensive *

Sparkle or shine unique pearls depends on the reflection and refraction of light from the translucent layers and are more accurate in the proportionality and the more layers less dense and more numerous *

Shine that appears from some Alali because of overlapping of successive layers, which breaks the light falling on the surface *

Pearl does not cut or polished as stones other * is very soft and are affected by acids and heat, as the organic materials, they are susceptible to degradation *

Precious pearls are obtained from the oyster brine (especially the kind of Pinctata) as well as oysters fresh water (especially the kind of Hyriopsis) The largest center for pearls, the natural world in the Arabian Gulf, which is said to produce the best pearls, salt water and there are important sources, among other coasts of India and China Japan, Australia and various Pacific Islands, Venezuela, Central America and Rivers of Europe and North America in ancient times the Red Sea was an important source of pearl

Cultivation of pearls, salt water

And almost every crop produces the world of salt water pearls (cultivated) from Japan, who have mastered the methods of cultivation of pearls, salt water *

This produces a small bead pearls develop e of the pearl within the tissue lining the wall of the conch in the body of oyster shells are then placed in cages closed protected bays for a period of time (up to 4 years) required by the composition of the Pearl
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